As with any new sport is there is a learning curve and a lot of questions when starting out.

We have compiled a list of some of the common questions we get asked below.

If you still have queries that are not answered please contact us or talk to any of the club members at the track and they will be able to either help you out or point you to someone who can.

Is there a minimum age to ride the track?

Can I use my existing BMX bike at the track?

I don't have a BMX bike, can I still race?"

What do I need to race at the Club?

What size BMX race bike do I need?

What does it cost to race BMX?

Where can I buy a race BMX bike?

How do I get a BMX licence plate for my race BMX?

Is the BMX track open to the public?

When is the BMX Season?

Is BMX racing at Waitākere like what I've seen at the Olympics?

Do you guys do backflips and tricks?

How long is the Waitākere BMX track?

Can I ride my motorbike on the track?