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Getting Started

Now that you've decided to find out more the pages under the BMX Guides category provide more detailed information for parents and riders.


Want to get started in BMX racing? Follow these steps;


Contact a club and find out when their club night races are held.

This will give you an idea of when you can ride competitively.

Waitākere BMX races on Friday nights from Late September through to April. (Daylight savings dates) Rider registration starts at 5.30pm - 6.15pm, racing starts normally around 6:30pm. 

New rider training.

Check out the club new rider training nights and pop along to give it a go in a more relaxed environment, try out the gate and get some tips, non-members fees apply.

Waitakere BMX new riders training runs Thursday nights. New riders, Striders, Sprockets training 5.30pm - 6.15pm. (Check in 5.00 - 5.30pm to get hire gear and be ready to start at 5.30pm)

Go to your nearest track and watch a club night race meeting.

Being at a club night race meeting will give you an idea of whether or not you think BMX is for you. Ask questions while you're there, BMX people are helpful. If you're checking this all out for your son or daughter, it's worth noting that many kids really like riding the tracks, but the competitive nature of the racing is not necessarily for them. Take your son or daughter with you to see if they like the look of the racing itself.

If you've got a BMX bike, get to the track and ride around slowly.

Wear your safety gear. Most of the tracks in New Zealand are open to the public at any time that they are not being used by the clubs. PLEASE wear a helmet, gloves and cover your skin with a long sleeved top and long pants. If you have elbow and knee or shin pads, wear them. Lace up footwear is also a great idea. 

If you don't have a BMX bike, speak to your local club about whether or not they hire them.

If you don't have a BMX bike, we strongly recommend against rushing out and buying one without trying a few bikes first. Often the local BMX clubs will have hire bikes or riders who are happy to lend you their bikes for a ride (but remember that for some riders, their bike is their pride and joy, so not everyone will be keen to hand their bike over to a stranger).




We have a wealth of information throughout the website. A lot of questions are answered on our FAQ Page.

If you're hooked and you want to get into it - don't buy a brand new bike to start with.

Bikes can be very expensive brand new. Often, once you've been riding for a while, your taste for a particular type of bike changes. It's worth looking at Trade Me as an option to start with - there are always BMX race bikes available at great prices. Ask for help from someone from your local club - don't rush out and buy a bike without getting some advice.


So you're ready to go and do your first race meeting?

You might have bought a bike at this stage, but if you haven't, you should speak to your local club about whether or not you can hire or borrow one for your first three meetings. Here at Waitakere BMX (and most NZ clubs) you get your first three nights racing for free! This gives you the chance to see if you like it before you decide to get serious about it.


Now get out there and have fun!


If you are looking to improve your riding skill, don't forget that the track is open to the public at any time that it is not being used by the club. We recommend that you spend time at the track working on skills as often as you can. BMX is a skill-based sport, and nothing beats time on your bike for developing skills!


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