BMXNZ Members - Club Night Registration

Category's for our larger rider groups

Club/Casual - Riders who just want to race for fun, or might be new to sport.

Challenge/Competitive - Riders who are more serious about racing.

Club Registration Entries

Declines - If you receive a declined entry email it will be because your entry has gone through twice, this is automatically generated by the system and we cannot stop the email, please ignore it.

Acceptance -Once we accept the entry into the event, it automatically generates an accepted and paid email.

Payment is still required on a Friday night at the points hut, the email is system generated and we cannot stop it or change the text of the email unfortunately.

Please enter riders as UCI age groups - (The age they will be at the end of this year)

You may choose to ride up an age group for more competition if your prefer, however you cannot ride down.

REGISTER HERE  Register for Club Night Friday 08/04/22