2018 BMXNZ Nationals

Updated: May 15, 2018

A summary of the results from the latest BMXNZ Nationals hosted at the New Plymouth BMX Club!

Wow, what a weekend! Congratulations to all the Waitakere riders who competed at the 2018 BMXNZ Nationals over the long weekend in New Plymouth. Our riders have come home with 4x National Titles, 19x Top 10 finishes and have made this one of the most successful Nationals for the Waitakere BMX Club.

Thanks to all those that made the weekend such a success, BMXNZ, the Taranaki BMX Region, the New Plymouth BMX Club and all the volunteers. The atmosphere and event were fantastic and enjoyed by everyone involved. Thanks also to the Waitakere supporters (you were awesome), and our coach Paul Morrow in getting our riders race prepared.

It was great to see a return to medals for those participating in the event. The smiles on our younger riders were from ear to ear and I'm sure a lot of medals will make it to school this coming week for news!

For those that missed the earlier updates below is a complete summary of the results (in age order):

NATIONAL RESULTS Andrew Halfpenny: NZ12 (7 Boys) Aidan Hiebendaal: NZ25 (7 Boys) Ella Hiebendaal: NZ11 (9 Girls) Ryan Halfpenny: NZ10 (9 Boys) Ruby Morrow: NZ9 (10 Girls) Matthew Haigh: NZ7 (12 Boys), NZ3 (11-12 Cruiser, Mixed) Jayden Morrow: NZ18 (12 Boys) Ben Lauchlan: NZ30 (12 Boys) Nate Armstead: NZ20 (13 Boys) Damon Morrow: NZ5 (14 Boys) Brooke Compain: NZ2 (16 Girls) Marc Edwards: NZ1 (17-24 Male) Ethan Wi: NZ10 (17-24 Male), NZ1 (17-24 Cruiser, Male) Toni James: NZ1 (17-24 Female), NZ1 (13-24 Cruiser, Female) Aidan Ormond: NZ7 (25-34 Male) Paul Morrow: NZ3 (35-39 Male), NZ3 (35-39 Cruiser, Male) Bonnie Morrow: NZ4 (35-44 Cruiser, Female) Gareth Lauchlan: NZ3 (40-44 Male) Philip Armstead: NZ6 (40-44 Cruiser, Male) Nancy James: NZ2 (45-49 Female), NZ5 ( 45+ Cruiser, Female)

SUPERNATS RESULTS Brooke Compain: 7th (Female Snr 15+)

NATIONAL SERIES Toni James: 1st (17-29 Female, Cruiser) Nancy James: 1st (40+ Female 20"), 1st (40+ Female, Cruiser)

Congratulations again to all riders, you rode your hearts out and represented the club and yourselves impeccably.


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