New members are always welcome throughout the year. We invite riders to come along and see what BMX is all about, try the track and see how much fun can be had on two wheels!  


Club membership covers 12 months from the 1st of January to the 31st of December. Half year fees are offered from the 1st of July to the 31st of December.

The NZ race season is from September to April. 

As a member of the Waitākere BMX Club, you have access to the following benefits:

  • Access to BMX training for new riders, sprockets and competition focused riders.
  • The ability to purchase club branded Race Jerseys and Merchandise.
  • Voting rights at our annual AGM.


We are affiliated to BMX New Zealand and it is a requirement that all our members hold a BMX NZ Licence.

There are four Licence types.


A Strider Licence is for all riders of non-pedal bikes. This licence is valid for the full term of the strider, while they are on strider bikes. They will need to upgrade to a Sprocket Licence when they either turn 5yrs old OR move onto a pedal bike.

A Strider Licence allows you to attend club nights at Waitākere BMX Club as well as other BMX clubs throughout New Zealand that host an event with a Strider class.


A Kiwi Sprocket licence is for children 7 and under (as at the 31st of December of the year of Membership). There is no scoring or placing and all riders receive the same awards/trophies when competing at race events.

The year the rider turns 8 they need to register as a Challenge rider.


A Challenge licence allows you to attend club nights at Waitākere BMX Club as well as club nights and race meetings at BMX clubs throughout New Zealand, and overseas.


This licence is for Elite, Under 23 and Junior Elite riders. These are the really fast riders 17yrs and over.


The license fees below are for a calander year, starting on the 1st of January, through to the 31st of December. 

Strider Licence$55.00

Sprocket Licence$85.00

Challenge Licence$115.00

Championship Licence$115.00

​​​​​​​The above fees include both the BMX NZ licence fee and the Waitākere BMX Club membership fee.


    With a season pass you can skip the need to queue up and register on Friday nights. You will be automatically entered on club nights, with riders just needing to roll over the check-in mat to ensure they are confirmed to be present.

    We look forward to welcoming you to one of the best family orientated clubs in West Auckland!