Waitākere BMX Club membership covers 12 months from the 1st January to 31st December. We are affiliated to BMX New Zealand and it is a requirement of BMX NZ that all our members also hold a BMX NZ Licence.

Season Pass

A season pass is available at $120 per rider. This covers the period from the 1st of Jan. through to the 31st of Dec. and includes the following:

  • Club Nights: All Club and Points Nights
  • Gate Sessions: excluding any that include Sqorz timing

The season pass is calculated on a sliding scale and will reduce as the months deplete, please email us for current pricing.

New Rider Documents Needed

Please make sure you have one of the following documents in Jpg format:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Passport

Existing Rider Renewals

If you are an existing BMXNZ member looking to renew your licence you will need the following details: (new riders please leave these fields blank)

  • BMXNZ Licence number: Typically 'NZ1011234'
  • Transponder Number: Will be in the format 'AB-12345'. Please make sure you assign the correct transponder number to the bike you are riding (20" or Cruiser). 
  • Plate Number: Either your club plate 'WTK123', a National 'NZ1' or an International ranking 'W1'.