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FRIDAY Club Night Format

With the whole of New Zealand currently in the RED level under the COVID Protection Framework (CPF) we will need to run club nights in a slightly different format than we are used to.  


Please be patient, this is new for everyone and may take a little longer for us all to work through.
Please remember we are a volunteer run sport, please support us by following our plan. Feel free to offer your assistance to help us out on club night.

ALL Riders and Spectators need to pre-register online by 3pm on Friday - 

Parking:  All members are to please park in the grass paddock on the right-hand side as you drive in the driveway from Glen Rd (signs will be posted). Only committee members are to park behind the canteen and enter from the Birdwood Rd entrance.  



We will have the canteen open, please use the allocated pathways from your bubble, wear your mask to order, once you have ordered, move away to wait for your order on the grass area.  Please do not congregate on the concrete pad and remember to socially distance. Once you have collected your order, please return to your bubble area asap to eat.

ALL Riders and Spectators are to enter the bmx club grounds from the park via the pedestrian entrance near the points hut.  Please have your CVC's ready for scanning.
We have more than 100 people registered to attend so will operate under 2 separate bubbles
ALL riders must enter their call up area wearing their helmets and gloves and will be called under the start ramp roof for their race.

We encourage mask wearing by everyone where possible. Remember to social distance.

Please remind your children that after each race they must return to their bubble area and stay in that area

Bubble #1 - YELLOW Area #1 - Riders UCI Age 10 +
Will be the grassed area along the first straight.  
The call up area for Bubble #1 is beside the water tank next to the canopy. 
Access to the canteen for Bubble #1 before racing starts is around the track past the 1st and 3rd corner.  Once racing starts you may also use the walkway through the park (behind the start gate canopy) and enter the BMX grounds through the entrance near the points hut, please walk behind the points hut and canteen to order from the side furthest from the points hut. 
After each race riders from Bubble #1 will be directed back to their area, around the track past the 3rd and 1st corner.

Bubble #2 - ORANGE Area #2 - Riders UCI Age 9 -
Will be the concrete seating on the 2nd corner and the grass area in front of the points hut.

Call up area for Bubble #2 is the usual call up area behind the 2nd corner seating.

Bubble #2 ORANGE (9 & Under) will have warm up time on the track from 5.30pm-5.55pm

Bubble #1 YELLOW (10+) will have warm up time on the track from 6.00pm - 6.25pm.

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